HeraldScotland.com – Russia nearly blacklists UK as a tax haven

Hi all,

HeraldScotland.com published this article on Sunday 14 February 2016 about the use of the Scottish Limited Partnership (SLP) by eastern European investors as a vehicle for tax avoidance, causing the UK to be included on a tentative black list drawn up by the Kremlin’s Finance Ministry, along with Switzerland and Austria. A “last-minute reprieve” exempted all three countries from the final list.

Read the story here:


This is a good example that demonstrates how tax avoidance is no longer just an offshore issue, and how the lines between onshore and offshore are becoming blurred.

Another interesting must-read on this topic by Yale professor Vikram Mansharamani shows how America is increasingly being used as a tax haven – see our discussion and a link to the article here:




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