HeraldScotland.com – Russia nearly blacklists UK as a tax haven

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HeraldScotland.com published this article on Sunday 14 February 2016 about the use of the Scottish Limited Partnership (SLP) by eastern European investors as a vehicle for tax avoidance, causing the UK to be included on a tentative black list drawn up by the Kremlin’s Finance Ministry, Continue reading


Taxwatch Update – 8 Feb 2016

Hi folks – just a brief update on one or two items if interested…

  • Dennis points out:  “On a similar theme to ‘The Town that took on the Taxman’ – there is a programme on Channel 4 on Monday 08/02/2016 @ 20:00 to 20:30 called ‘How the Rich Avoid Tax’, which some of our fellow Taxwatchers may be interested in.  I will be particularly looking out to see what they say about wealthy television people being paid through their production companies!!”

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Letter published in IOM Examiner

Below is the text of the letter from several taxwatchers published in the Isle of Man Examiner on 2 February 2016:

We stand by Cat’s ‘tax haven’ views

Cat Turner deserves credit for her appearance in ‘The Town That Took on the Taxman’, recently screened by the BBC.

The programme featured the role of a Douglas-based Corporate Service Provider in enabling Caffe Nero, a major UK coffee retail chain, to avoid paying any UK corporation tax. This was contrasted with Continue reading