Letter published in IOM Examiner – 22nd November 2017

Below is the text of the letter from several taxwatchers published in the Isle of Man Examiner on 22nd November 2017:

Joint letter printed in IoM Examiner 21 November 2017

In the wake of the Paradise Papers publicity, it is perhaps natural to react defensively and in denial; to point the finger or to blame the messenger.

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Film Screening: The Spider’s Web

Dear all,

You might be interested in a new film The Spider’s Web, billed as “an investigation into the world of Britain’s secrecy jurisdictions and the City of London”.

An Isle of Man screening is being organised by the Positive Action Group (PAG):

Date and time: Wednesday 6 September

  • First screening: 6:00 pm
  • Second screening 7:30 pm

Location: The Manx Legion Club, Market Hill, Douglas, Isle of Man

Cost: FREE Continue reading

Loss of company tax revenue to the IoM

  • A written reply by the Treasury Minister to a parliamentary question by Lawrie Hooper MHK in June 2017 revealed the total profits earned by all Manx companies wholly-owned by Manx residents in 2015-16 (the latest available). It is £542m. If these profits were taxed at 20%, that would be an extra £108m for the Manx Government. The number of such wholly-owned companies was 7,321 – about one-quarter of all companies registered here:


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Taxwatch Update – 16 July 2017

Dear all,

TaxWatch is pleased to invite you our next meeting:

Date: Wednesday 6 September

Time: 2.00pm

Location: 11 Hilary Road, Douglas

Our speaker will be Alf Cannan, MHK and Treasury Minister.  He has been asked to address us on the Island’s offshore industry in general, and in particular commenting on the current position which allows Manx residents to escape personal income tax by registering as companies.  For several of us, this issue has been a thorn in the flesh for some time.

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